Saturday, 3 August 2013

Friday, 2 August 2013

Allotment afternoon

A morning downpour gave way suddenly to blue skies, and then a windy afternoon.  The fragmenting clouds here are taken from our allotment

Saltire in the sky

Perhaps it's because it's Summer, with time to cloud-watch, that I suddenly want to capture a tiny part of the ever-changing cloud activity every day.  While I'm aiming for a daily post, life will sometimes get in the way.  And while the skies will mostly be Scottish, there will be days when I'll be under other skies.

Two posts today to start with.  The first is a classic Saltire - the Scottish flag - from yesterday, just to get things going.  Aircraft are very obliging in forming the Scottish flag.   Today's cloudscape so far is unremitting grey, but I'm hopeful of a change later.  If that doesn't happen, I'll post what I see.